Huffington Post.

Lamentations: Disaster-Capitalism, Puerto Rico and the Art of Patrick McGrath Muniz by Christian Sarkar.

December 2017. Web Article.

Albuquerque Journal.

A merger  of mysticism an religion by Monica Roman Gagnier. 

November, 2019. Print  and Web Article.


Saints and Shoppers by Michael Abatemarco.

December 2013. Print Article.

La Cuadra.

Patrick McGrath, Meditations on a Material Culture by Michael Tallon.

July 2009. Print Article.

Fine Art Connoisseur.
Politics and Culture Meet Realism.

by Andrew Webster.

August 2016. Web Article. 

Arts Illustrated

Interview with artist Patrick McGrath Muñiz

October 2015. Web Article. 

La Cuadra.

Featured Artist: Patrick McGrath Muñiz.

by Michael Tallon.

November 2013. Web Article. 

Gerald Stiebel Blog.
Missives from the Art World.

December 2013. Blog Post.

Que Pasa Magazine.
Artist of the Month: Patrick Muñiz McGrath.

by Keri Peyton.
September 2011. Web Article.

The Santa Fe Reporter.
Ironic Icons by Jana Gottshalk.

October 2019. Print and Web Article.

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